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Welcome to the future

Every year BEST Politecnico di Torino organizes an Academic Course about Technology, open to all European students
of universities belonging to the network. We will select 25 of the 400+ applying students and give them the opportunity
to receive an extracurricular education about a new exciting topic. They will share ideas with students coming
from different countries and learn everything about italian culture and Piedmont.
This year the topic of the Spring Course will concern Space Economy!

A new horizon

During the two weeks in Torino, the beautiful capital of Piedmont surrounded by the Alps, we will turn our gaze beyond the sky, discovering an immense space full of opportunities never explored before. At the end of the course you will be surprised by the incredible variety of projects and application areas on which this new sector of the economy is focusing so much.

Discover the Alps

Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region, is an Italian heritage of beauty, art and culture. An open-air museum that absolutely cannot be given up. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know this magnificent city with its typical foods, its traditions and the people who are looking forward to showing you all this!

Survival Guide

About us

What we do

BEST Politecnico di Torino is a co-founder of the network BEST, member since 1989. During these 30 years,
BEST contributed substantially to the internationalization process of Politecnico di Torino.
Thanks to BEST, more than 2500 foreigner students had the opportunity to participate to free academical courses at
Politecnico and discover the huge artistic, enogastronomic and industrial heritage of Piedmont.


Developing Students

We try to better exploit every student’s potential, helping them achieving an international mindset and encouraging the development of soft skills like team-working, team-building, leadership and time management, in order to develop their capacity to work in culturally different environments.


Empowered Diversity

In every event that we organize,we try to involve a heterogeneous group of students, coming from different countries and different social or cultural backgrounds. We valorize creativity, intuition, innovative ideas, problem-solving and most of all the ability to think “out of the box”.

Our Team

Meet the team

Roberto Pulvirenti
Project Manager
Maria Lourdes Insinga
Project Manager


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For every question or information, send us an email !


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