BEST Torino is a student association of the Politecnico di Torino. We are part of a big network that comprises over 97 local groups, placed in the best European technical universities. BEST stands for “Board of European Students of Technology” and BEST Torino is one of the founding members of the group, active in the university since 1989. We are a nonprofit, apolitical and nonpartisan organization. We believe in the power of diversity and friendship, and have the ambition to improve ourselves every day and to develop our potential to the maximum level.

Our values



Developing Students

We try to better exploit every student’s potential, helping them achieving an international mindset and encouraging the development of soft skills like team-working, team-building, leadership and time management, in order to develop their capacity to work in culturally different environments.


Empowered Diversity

In every event that we organize,we try to involve a heterogeneous group of students, coming from different countries and different social or cultural backgrounds. We valorize creativity, intuition, innovative ideas, problem-solving and most of all the ability to think “out of the box”.

Why join us?

BEST is an adventure which will totally change the way you have lived the university until now. BEST will force you to leave your comfort zone, to take greater everyday responsibilities, to manage a team of people that count on you, to deal with companies, foundations and university representatives. BEST will make you overcome your limits. You could find yourself in the mountains, with 7 foreign people and a broken bus, or in a Danish remote village having a surf lesson. We could tell you about travels, people, projects, unexpected events and how we overcame them... but it would all be pointless: BEST is an adventure, it cannot be explained, but only lived.


What they say about us