During the last decade the Royal Navy, The West Spritz Company and the Governments have been fighting to destroy our freedom, to change the way we live and above all, to abolish parties! This is not acceptable anymore, we have to take back what is our! Show us your strength, your character and ability to ba a true Pirate!

How to apply

Are you a bestie? Are you willing to accept the challenge?
Do you think you have the potential to beat the Royal Navy?
We, The Pirates of the Alps, want you in our fleet!


In order to apply you’ll have to do a motivational letter or a short movie in order to convince us that you are what we’re looking for. Remember to be yourself and don’t forget the main theme of this event. In the motivational letter you can insert whatever you want, feel free to send us the map to the latest treasure that you discovered or the paintings from the last night out with your crew! In short, show us how bad you want to be part of our fleet!


Compile the form in the Apply area with your personal data, insert your motivational letter or video (link to the cloud location is needed) and send it.
The deadline will be set for the 12th of October at 23:59, HURRY UP!


When the sun will die and resurrect for the fourth time you’ll receive a call by the northern winds with all the information to complete your application.



An original and sympatic MoL. Be Creative and show us your BEST spirit!

Yes. Rember that the group should be composed by 4 persons maximun.

Yes. Remember that the event has a theme so bring a costum to use at night!

You should contact to one of the organizers that can be found in the following Team Section.

Contact Us


alpine . jam@bestorino.com