Vitto Dalton and Gama Booth have "discovered" their best "talent" and now they are the best cinematographic directors in the entire world. Their new film named: "Once Upon a Time in... the Alps" is going to be the most successful film that has ever been recorded. The most famous actors have already been invited to join this project... but it's not enough! Vitto and Gama are searching for new talents all over Europe and maybe you could be the lucky one that will join the cast!
Are you a bestie? Do you like acting? Do you think that you have the potential to steal the show? The BesTorino film production studio is looking for you!
In order to apply you’ll have to write a motivational letter or a short movie in order to convince us that you are who we’re looking for. Remember to be yourself and don’t forget the main theme of this event. In the motivational letter you can insert whatever you want, feel free to send us your amazing videotape of your best performance! In short, show us how bad you want to be part of our cast!
Fill the form in the Apply area with your personal data, insert your motivational letter or video (link to the cloud location is needed) and send it. The deadline will be set for the 20th of October at 23:00, HURRY UP!
You’ll receive an email by the directors with all the information to complete your application.
What kind of Motivational Letter should I made?
An original and sympatic MoL. Be Creative and show us your BEST spirit!
Can I apply with my friends?
Yes. Rember that the group should be composed by 4 persons maximun.
Should I bring something in particular?
Yes. Remember that the event has a theme so bring a costum to use at night!
What I should do, if I'm having problems with the arrival or departure date?
You should contact to one of the organizers that can be found in the following Team Section.